1 - Stacking - You're stuck on stacking -- every cabinet and counter space seems to already have a 1st level item

2 - Hanger Shortage - You've run out of hangers or space in your closet or drawers -- yet still, you never seem to be able to find anything to wear

3 - My closet threw up! - this could easily be your kitchen, bonus room, or garage -- there's a room that no longer has floor space!

4 - Where did I Put That? - You constantly have trouble remembering where things are -- others can never find anything either, because it is in the wonderfully "organized chaos"

5 - "Company's Coming!" - a phrase wrought with anxiety -- you dread having guests over because it means you'll have to "clean"

6 - The "Roomba Rule" - You could never own a Roomba robot vac -- your floor space is crowded, or scattered with "to do" piles

7 - Mt. Laundry - you have at least 3 clothes baskets, or piles of clothes that seemingly have no bottom

8 - "No One Wants to Help" - it's hard to get kids/spouse's on board -- there is so much stuff and others seem overwhelmed also

9 - No Time - cleaning has become an all day, or all weekend chore -- you seem to work for hours on end and get no where

10 - "I Need A Vacation!" - you're ready to run instead of deal with it -- your mountain of clutter "projects" seems overwhelming

If you are anywhere near this point, it's time to get started. It didn't happen overnight, but you will be amazed at the progress you can make in just one day.

Keep reading the blog, we have "10 EASY STEPS TO YOUR TIDY & ORGANIZED DREAM HOME - and Creating Your Haven"

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