What is "Haven Style"?

“Haven Style” is “your” style. Your style, your story, your personality beaming through everything you own — beautifully, and at the forefront. A haven is your refuge, retreat, sanctuary or oasis. It's also a space, or collection of things that bring you joy. “Haven Style” is letting go of design standards set by society, and embracing the real you.

Learning that your fondest memories, or your dreams and aspirations, deserve your attention, is the first step in creating your own style. Haven Style is all about you. Your likes and tastes matter, not the clutter that surrounds you. All of the "extra" stuff you once felt you needed, is keeping you from realizing who you really are, and more importantly, who you really want to be.

"How do I know what my style is?" Discovering it is a lot easier than you think. All of us grew up somewhere — in a small town or a big city, by a lake or at the foot of a mountain, on a farm, in a subdivision, in a mansion, or a quaint bungalow. We either took vacations, or dreamt of vacations. During our earliest years we beamed at the freedom of where we lived, or dreamed of living elsewhere. We either loved our surroundings, or couldn’t wait to be freed from them. We created our own good memories -- these are the first foundations of your style.

Our style, dreams, likes and dislikes change and develop over time, but every detail becomes a part of us. We know what memories make us smile...

Below is my college daughter Sarah's dorm. You can already see who she is and what makes her happy right now, in this desk-shelf vignette. It's not about cost, nor cool matching designer style; it's all about her!

The first step in breaking free of what society expects, is accepting that what attracts others who love you, to you, is that there is only one you. Embrace it!

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