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the balanced home®
balance, not perfection...


One component of balance is not being afraid to be you. Being unique is what adds spice to life & 'visual spice' works well when there is not a chaotic mix of 'stuff' competing for attention. Creating the balanced home® is not about extremes either. As the name suggests, this is about the benefit of balance, not becoming an absolute minimalist. As a matter of fact, as part of the balanced home® and Creating Havens® methodology, we feel every home should include folly along with function, knick-knacks along with necessities, and be entertaining, along with being efficient. Balance is achieved when your surroundings are not only clutter-free but they also inspire you to be who you truly are. It is your home, after all, it should show it.

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noun:  a refuge, retreat, sanctuary or oasis; a peaceful placef

ha•ven /hāvən/

balance, not perfection

Real Life Goals

Ultimately, creating true balance means allowing ourselves the quirky, eliminating intrusive clutter, and creating places to find what we need when we need it. It allows us to relax, eliminates stress, and opens up space to show our creative side as well as to create new memories. Balance is personal, and never perfect, but it should ultimately reflect the true, quirky, or sophisticated you.

de-Clutter • Organize • Refresh • Revitalize

Change your surroundings, Change your life.

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Helping you create balanced, organized, simplified spaces and  schedules. Bring calm and enjoyment back to daily life. Your home, work, and personal space, should be filled with inspirational mini havens, bringing you real life balance all day long!

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