Elise Poeana

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Although the balanced home has been years in the making, "Creating Havens" is an inspired concept...

In the midst of the Big Apple, the ability to live out a lifestyle where everything you own tells a story about you, is a reality for Elise & Daniel Poeana, my daughter & son-in-law. They would both agree that Elise is the driving creative force, and her brilliance and flare for color, style and meaningful design, will surely inspire you.


Beginning with the choices of clothing, to the beautiful vignettes, or mini-havens, throughout their expansive, yet affordable, Brooklyn apartment, together they have proven that "Creating Havens" is not about big budgets, but instead about thoughtful choices.


Carefully selecting artwork, glassware & countless vintage pieces, all precious finds from antique shops & boutiques, their apartment & lifestyle paint a very clear, personal picture. They choose how to spend their time, as well as their budgets, to make the most out of life; quite the feat in NYC.


About Us 

Helping you create balanced, organized, simplified spaces and  schedules. Bring calm and enjoyment back to daily life. Your home, work, and personal space, should be filled with inspirational mini havens, bringing you real life balance all day long!

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