About the balanced home and Creating Havens...

Our Goal  through the Balanced Home and Creating Havens is to help you live in spaces that reflect the real you. The Balanced Home helps create refreshed, organized & simplified lifestyles. These positive changes, which begin in the home, will soon extend to all areas of your life. Removing years of excess, many times meaningless, clutter will set the stage for "Creating Havens."


Havens are personalized vignettes or mini-inspiration spaces, that tell a story about you and what you love. Your home should reflect your family, your history, your dreams and your best views of life. What you have to say about your past, future goals, and your dreams is important. Creating Havens will help you say it in the most intimate place; your home. 

The best part is you can start small. One space, one shelf, or one room at a time. Your space should reflect the real you.


Suzette Greer

The concept for the balanced home was first created by Suzette (founder, "Creating Havens" author) in 1998 and called Consider it Done (Concierge & Organizing Services). Since then, it has changed as life changed; 30+ years of professional & life experience.


Suzette's personal life includes three grown children and multiple four-legged & finned friends, which provide family & 'extended family' wit & wisdom. Professionally, her background includes market studies of coastal resort and custom residential real estate, the entertainment industry (artist management & broadcasting sales/production), event planning/promotions, motivational speaking, seminars & workshops, and creative small business digital marketing.


ba·lance  /ˈbaləns/

an aesthetically pleasing integration of elements; a state in which different things have an equal or proper amount of importance

The marriage of her personal and professional experience provide the foundational balance for the balanced home. Her personal experience creates empathy with parents of small children, middle-schoolers, teens, college students, and adult children getting married! She's an avid traveler, and including summers, she has lived on 3 'coasts' of the U.S. (Florida, California and Lake Erie), as well as Spain & Finland. She loves looking at life from a global perspective, speaks several languages, (Spanish fluently), and absolutely loves animals!

Suzette's professional experience allows her to understand the stress & joys of small business ownership/management, as well as the corporate roller coaster ride. Workplace pressure, as well as time & budget constraints, are no strangers to her perspective. She's worked with crushing administrative deadlines, and constrictive non-creative spaces, and has had clients including single dads, foreign missionaries, to music industry legends, and architectural geniuses.

Balance, and Havens Shared...

If we live alone, creating havens is so much easier! But most of us share our space. Balance also means sharing your haven. Spouses, children, roommates, etcetera, daydream too. Your spouse may enjoy wood, modern art or sports memorabilia, colors of deep blues or bright reds. Your children may want fairies, or elephants, and bright pink, or camo. Roommates may also have their own ideas -- although some could care less as long as they don't have to create it!

Together, we'll help you create spaces just for you, and some to make your family or roommates happy too (including pets)! This is balance, not perfection!


Our Commitment

Life is made up of numerous moving parts... relationships, health, career, creative visions & devoted causes... In order to balance all this, we learn to say "no" when it comes to the unessesary, unmeaningful time & space consumers.

the balanced home is your resource for tools, guidance, and resources for new inspiration. We've also added calming accessories and treasures in our Shop to help create your own special spaces. Steps to follow and pathways that lead towards personal balance is the goal. Life gains meaning when you prioritize your time & refresh & organize your space, you'll finally start to breathe sighs of joy, instead of frustration.

About Us 

Helping you create balanced, organized, simplified spaces and  schedules. Bring calm and enjoyment back to daily life. Your home, work, and personal space, should be filled with inspirational mini havens, bringing you real life balance all day long!

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